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Tecnifibre CARBOFLEX NS 125 X-SPEED - skvošo raketė

159,00 €(su PVM)

119,00 € (su PVM)

The legendary Carboflex series has evolved again. The Tecnifibre Carboflex X-Speed 125 NS Squash Racquet is the choice of Nour EL Sherbini and is ideal for that attacking Egyptian style of play. If you are looking to play at a high tempo by dominating the T on the volley but also want the racquet to be able to help with generating pace this is your racquet. The Carboflex 125 has been the best selling racquet for years now because it is fast to play with, powerful and forgiving as well. It is an all around winner. The X-Speed version features a great new cosmetic and a couple of new technologies added to it. AeroShaft Design has been added to the racquet to provide more control and better feel on contact with the ball. iBlades has been introduced to limit flexibility. We expect this version to continue to be a real winner. If you are looking to dominate the 'T', look at the Tecnifibre Carboflex X-Speed 125! The NS in the name of the racquet are the initials of Nour El Sherbini. This racquet is the same as the other 125 other than the cosmetic and it also has a smaller grip.

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Gamintojas : Tecnifibre
Balansas : 350 mm
Lanko dydis : 500 cm²
Gripas (Apvijos) : SQUASH DRY GRIP White
Rėmo svoris be stygų : 125 g.
Bendras dydis : 685 mm
Stygos : DNAMX 1.20
Stygu tinklas : 14 x 18
Raketės dėklas : Taip

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