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Karakal S-100 FF Nano Gel Skvošo raketė


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Less Weight = More Head Speed = More Power!


115,00 € su PVM

125,00 € su PVM

-10,00 €

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Balansas365 mm
Lanko dydis455 cm²
Gripas (Apvijos)Karakal PU Super Grip
KonstrukcijaFast Fibre Nano Gel Graphite Construction
Rėmo svoris be stygų100 g.
Bendras dydis685 mm
Stygu tinklas14 x 19
Raketės dėklasTaip

Less weight means more head speed with the Karakal S-100 FF Nano Gel Squash Racket.

We introduced Fast Fibre Graphite to the construction of the frames last year to great results. The rackets returns to shape 10% faster after a ball strike which results in more power for less effort, and dramatically improves playability. Updated for the new season with new graphics.

The Karakal S-100 FF comes with a straightened frame profile to improve power and increase the size of the sweet spot and with its superlight frame is fast through the air.

  • Groove Power System
  • 'A' Power Shaft
  • One Piece Construction
  • Fan String Pattern

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